Dear friends Every year I propose trips to Mother Earth’s sacred places. In order to enjoy the spectacular beauty of nature and the powerful telluric energy of Gaia. I choose carefully beautiful destinations that support with their power the expansion of our spirit to facilitate during the voyage the connection with the true being that each one of us is.

I invite you to live the experience of traveling practicing the spirit of Aloha, with a group of wonderful people, consciously establishing bonds of love between hearts, while we travel together the experiences of the way we share.

The teaching that gives us the spirit of Aloha is something that the heart immediately recognizes as sacred. It is universal and compatible with any religious belief.

But it’s no religion.

It is an ancestral wisdom that belongs to all mankind. When we practice it in daily life, it purifies the mind and elevates the spirit. Expands the heart. It facilitates communication, acceptance and respect among people. harmonizes relationships and brings happiness.